We offer a wide range of products and, above all, quality and knowledge, and the possibility to process not only conventional plants but also plants from certified organic cultivation. Over the years we have developed a production area designed to produce food supplements, using the most innovative production techniques. The products are designed and manufactured with the desire to provide the consumer with a quality product to help and optimize the well-being and balance of the body, in a simple and natural way.



The company structure is set up to enhance all purchasing and sales resources in Italy, Europe and on all continents.

We are convinced that, in nature there are many remedies for the well-being and health of the human being. Since ancient times, thanks to phytotherapy and choosing only quality raw materials, people have been able to provide a valid support to the physical and mental balance of the body.
The close and long lasting collaboration between suppliers and customers is one of the pillars of the company. We guarantee solidity and mutual growth by believing in the partnership philosophy.———————————————————————————————————-
We provide continuous and direct assistance to our customers by following them from the first request, through all stages of collaboration, up to post sales. Thanks to our highly specialized staff, our assistance includes customized support for technical, logistical and planning aspects for future projects and crops. 
At the end of the 1980s, thanks to an idea and experience gained in the field of organic cultivation of medicinal plants, Francesco Pesare (MSc in agriculture) decided to found DEMAR. The company now boasts thirty years of experience in the phytotherapeutic field in Italy, the rest of Europe and on all other continents.
Our research is focused on the higher yield and the best use of the active principle, with reference to the plant and its parts, to the production processes, including also all the news concerning analytical processes.
The company’s innovative approach applies to both work tools and collaborative projects to ensure continuous quality improvement.—————————————


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